Keeping pace with the current technology requirements, Centre for Materials of Electronics Technology ( CMET) is working on developing flexible Lithium ion batteries for electronic devices.

Experts have suggested that these “bendable” batteries, which are also light weight, have a wide range of applications that can be used in space.

The centre, which has completed 25 years this year, is currently in talks with countries, including USA, UK, Spain, South Korea and Singapore, for further studies in developing next-generation batteries.

Incidentally, CMET also happens to be the first research institute in the country to have fully-equipped setup, to not just design but also develop and assemble the batteries.

On the advantages of the batteries, senior scientist Milind Kulkarni said, “These batteries would have a design that it would be capable of taking any shape. Also, being extremely light in weight, its applications could range to numerous electronic objects.”

Several researchers working in this area, who were a part of a recently-held international conference on Advanced Rechargeable Batteries and Allied Materials (ICARBM), also plan to work in close association with CMET in developing batteries meant for hybrid cars. “The applications of these batteries are at an all time high, with more and more electronic gadgets getting developed,” said BB Kale, director, CMET, Pune.

(Source: Indian Express)

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