Global Renewable Microgrid Deployment Growth in 2015 Set to Continue in 2016
As 2015 draws to a close, it is time to review the progress and status of renewable microgrid development around the world.  The past year has been a good one for renewable microgrids.  There has been significant growth in the deployment, implementation and interest in renewable microgrids globally.  Importantly, this growth seems set to continue into 2016.

The activity in microgrids is growing in all regions of the world.   In addition, it is important to note the increasing focus on commercially oriented projects as shown below:

The regions with the fastest growth are North America and Asia, however many projects are emerging in South America and Africa as well.  As the costs of PV, wind and energy storage continue to decrease, this growth will further accelerate.  

The rise of commercially oriented projects will also allow for private investment to enter the sector.  Removing remaining fossil-fuel subsidies and regulatory barriers, such on restrictions of who can own or install power installations or sell power to third parties, will further accelerate growth and adoption.  The positive outcome from the Paris climate negotiations also promises to add support and potentially financing to the deployment of microgrids in emerging markets.  

Momentum is growing and renewable microgrids are fast approaching the tipping point for becoming a mainstream energy option in both developed and emerging markets.  The year ahead promises to be a good one for renewable microgrids – best wishes for a successful 2016 to everyone in the sector. 

(This news story is from Gommyr Power Networks)