EoI For 500 MW Energy Storage Projects Issued in Madhya Pradesh

The Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company (MPPMCL) intends to execute Energy Storage Projects in the state to make optimum use of energy resources in MP. And with this purpose, the department has issued an Expression of Interest (EoI), inviting interested parties for the demonstration and selection of technology for providing energy storage services of up to 500 MW and setting up energy storage manufacturing facility in the state.

The scope of work for the selected bidders will include the provision to suggest storage technologies as per their experience, however, priority would be given to the ones with a proven track record, and a cost-performance improvement with scale.

The last date for the submission has not been announced yet. However, the notice mentions a tentative sixty-day period from the date of publication of the EoI (June 3, 2019).

Bidders are expected to have the technical and financial backing to set up an energy storage project of up to 500 MW. The system should be having at least eight hours of discharge per day, and should also be able to discharge continuously for three hours. The EoI states that eligible bidders must have prior experience in energy storage, either in India or abroad. Agencies with proven technical expertise can apply either as individuals or as joint venture entities.

The EoI also allows participants to install micro-grid projects with batteries for grid stabilization. The department believes that this would save the purchase of expensive power during night time (due to peak load) by feeding the grid with surplus power at night. The bidders can also propose energy management solutions for integration of battery operated facility with grid and forecasting solutions to improve the command and control of energy assets.

One of the key objectives of the EoI is to develop Madhya Pradesh as a hub of manufacturing facilities of storage solutions. It gives an opportunity to all global and leading manufacturers and services provider to interact with let decision makers of the state government.

Source- Saur Energy