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Energy Storage International Conference & Expo (ESIE) is a professional brand exhibition created by CNESA in the energy storage industry under the guidance of National Energy Administration with the support from the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park and China Energy Research Society,which is held in April 2-4 in 2018, at the National Convention Center in Beijing. ESIE 2018 will be further upgraded on the basis of ESIE 2017, with its exhibition area expanded to 6,000 sq. M. and more than 100 exhibitors. This year also marked the first annual International Energy Storage Innovation Competition, honoring outstanding technologies, projects and individuals.

ESIE 2018 is hailed as the most influential energy storage exhibition with the most accurate market positioning worldwide, as well as the most reputable and instructive high-standard conference in the energy storage sector. Making innovation in “three-in-one” pattern of “Conference, Exhibition and Contest”, ESIE accurately docks with the global energy storage markets and applications to put Chinese energy storage enterprises on the international stage from multiple dimensions by means of keynote speech, high-end dialogue, exhibition & showcase, subject research, thesis seminar, project investigation, new product release, technical communication and media promotion, etc. Meanwhile, ESIE is dedicated to accelerating the establishment of energy industry mechanism in China, and providing energy storage enterprises with opportunities to have face-to-face communication with the policy-makers, planners, grid managers, large electric power companies worldwide. It is an important platform for the communication of professional visitors, participants and exhibitors, as well as the commercialization of energy storage technologies. In May of 2017, the 6th Annual ESIE drew in guests hailing from 20 countries, over 50 exhibitors, as well 6000 industry representatives for three full days of conference and expo events. All the exhibitors took this platform to penetrate in more markets in and out of China, and seek more opportunities in in such fields as micro-grid for commercial and business parks, user side markets, generation side new energy power plants, power sales, energy Internet, grid frequency regulation, energy saving transformation, and overseas markets for energy storage. Meanwhile, excellent technologies and schemes were exhibited at the innovation contest, and close collaboration was then established with competent governmental authorities and financial capitals. In all, ESIE 2017 attained remarkable achievements. 


China Energy Research Society Energy Storage Committee

China Energy Storage Alliance

6 Jianhua South Road Changanyi Building A 3008

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Postal Code: 100022



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Event Location : Beijing, China

Event Timing
1 April 2018 To 4 April 2018
1:00 AM To 6:00 PM