Forthcoming & Regular IESA activities include

  1. Policy Working Group Meeting - Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month (4:30 PM IST - online mode)
  2. Technology Working Group Meeting- Every 4th Tuesday of the alternative month - online mode
  3. Business Working group Meeting - once in each quarter - online meeting
  4. Industry delegation - June 2018, October 2018
  5. IESA Global Webinars on Global energy storage Market (USA, China, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany & other European countries), September 2018
  6. IESA Knowledge Webinar Series (Free for Members)
  • Thermal Storage Market in India & Business Opportunities, 14th June 2018 
  • Li-Ion Technologies (NMC, LFP) & its applications in India, 3rd July 2018
  • Advanced Li-Ion Technologies (LTO, L-Air, Li-S, etc.), 3rd Week of July 2018
  • Rural & Campus Microgrid in India and its business case, 1st week of August 2018
  • Power Electronics for Battery Energy Storage System and its specifications, 3rd Week of August 2018
  • Emerging Battery Technologies (Flow Battery, Zinc Air, Sodium-based batteries etc.), 1st Week of September 2018
  • Electric Vehicle & Charging Infra Market in India, 4th week of September 2018
  1. Tender Briefing Webinar: Based on New Energy Storage and EV Tender announcement
  2. 2nd Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing Master Class- Delhi (in association with IEEMA) - 13-14 July 2018
  3. Energy Storage Awareness Camp for Industries (TBD)
  4. 2nd India Energy Storage Policy Forum on the occasion of World Energy Storage Day - 22nd September 2018, Delhi
  5. ESS- Energy Storage Solutions meet at Coimbatore & Pune
  6. 1st Energy Storage & EV Investment Summit & Start-up competition - November 2018, Mumbai
  7. IESA Battery Components Manufacturing Seminar on 12th December at Bengaluru
  8. Pre-Event Site Tour, 20th January 2019, New Delhi
  9. IESA Annual Meeting, 21st January 2019
  10. 6th International Conference & Exhibition on Energy Storage, EV & Microgrids - Energy Storage India, 21-23 January 2019(www.esiexpo.in )

Benefits of joining the IESA Knowledge Partner Network

Policy and Regulatory Advocacy

  1. Monthly CES Storage IQ (India) (Annual Subscription worth $3,600)
  2. Participation in India Energy Storage Policy Forum (Member-only event)
  3. Exclusive Meetings roundtable discussion with Regulators / Govt. Bodies
  4. Participation in IESA Working Groups

Market Research and Strategy Support

  1. India Energy Storage Market Overview Report (150 + Page, worth $3,500)
  2. Consulting Support on policy/business / technical issues (per year)
  3. Monthly IESA KPN-Information Bulletin and Quarterly ETN e-Magazine
  4. Discounts on IESA Published Special Research Reports

Business Development

  1. IESA Opportunity (RFP/Tender) repository & email notification
  2. Energy Storage & EV Tender Briefing (through attending the pre-bid meeting)
  3. Complementary Participation in all IESA webinars
  4. Free Access to IESA White Papers & Case Studies
  5. Regional E$$MEET (Business Networking event with Potential Users)
  6. Discounts on IESA assisted Job Posting and Recruitment Assistance

Networking Events

  1. Discount on delegate pass for Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference
  2. Discount on IESA Strategic Partner Events
  3. Discounts on IESA Technical Tour / Site Tour / Industry Visit
  4. Annual EV Conclave
  5. Discounts in Training Programs (Masterclass, Workshops, Foundation Course)

Promotion and Marketing

  1. Company logo on all IESA publications/websites
  2. Company Press Release through IESA platform (per annum)
  3. Discount on Exhibition Stand or Sponsorship at ESI Conference
  4. Advertisement in Emerging Technology News (ETN) Magazine (discounts)
  5. Annual Subscription to Emerging Technology News (ETN) Magazine
  6. Sponsored opportunity to organize Webinar/ Seminar
  7. Featured Interview on CES Podcast

Past activities 

IESA Activities Timeline:

  • May 2012: IESA launched

International Collaboration

  • September 2014: IESA becomes the founding member of GESA in association with ARE, BVES, CESA, CNESA & ESA
  • June 2015: IESA participated in creation and launch of IRENA Energy Storage Roadmap at IRENA Council Meeting in Abu Dhabi


  • October 2012: First IESA Tech Tour
  • April 2013: 2nd IESA Technology Tour and “Energy Storage India Market Overview 2013-2020” Report released
  • December 2013: 1st Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference & Expo at Mumbai with 150+ participants from 12 countries
  • August 2014: Regional Seminar at Hyderabad in association with Hyderabad Battery Association
  • September 2014: IESA Energy Storage Seminar at Bengaluru in association with IET
  • October 2014: IESA Knowledge Forum on Energy Storage at Chennai in association with IWTMA and NIWE
  • December 2014 – 2nd Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference & Expo at Delhi with 300+ participants from 15 countries.
  • November 2015: IESA Round Table meeting for Local Manufacturers at Pune, Maharashtra
  • December 2015: 3rd Energy Storage India (ESI) Conference & Expo at Delhi with 500+ participants from 12 countries.
  • January 2016: IESA Microgrid Workshop at Pune to gather stakeholders inputs
  • July 2016: IESA Energy Storage Workshop-Hyderabad organized in association with ASCI
  • October 2016: IESA Energy storage Workshop-Pune organized in association with SPPU, Pune
  • December 2016: India-North-East Workshop- Guwahati in association with AEDA
  • January 2017: 4th International Conference & Expo on Energy Storage & Microgrids, Mumbai


  • June 2013: nominated to taskforce for integration of renewable energy by CEA & MOP.
  • June 2014 – IESA joins the committee on “energy storage and hybrids” formed by MNRE
  • March 2015: IESA- India Policy Update Bulletin started
  • May 2015: IESA Policy working Group Launched
  • July 2015:  contributed  and supported MNRE & USAID in creating an Energy Storage Roadmap for India
  • March 2016: IESA submitted “Energy Storage Manufacturing Policy Recommendations” to NITI Aayog, Govt. of India
  • May 2016: Stakeholders consultations for SECI’s Hybrid project at HP and Storage + Solar project at AP Tender
  • June 2016: India Energy Storage Standards Taskforce created in association with UL
  • Stakeholders consultation for CERC staff paper on Energy storage in association with FICCI for CERC
  • Invited to be part of the BIS committee for energy storage systems


  • January 2014 – 1st Issues of the IESA magazine (Emerging Technology News-ETN) released
  • October 2015: India Lead Acid Battery Market Landscape Report released
  • “Energy Storage Technologies for Ancillary Services in India” report released with Shakti Foundation at Energy storage India, December 2015.
  • “India Energy Storage Market Overview 2015-22” report released at ESI 2015.
  • April 2016: Knowledge paper released on “Lead Acid Battery Recycling in India”
  • November 2016: Knowledge paper released on “Energy Storage for Grid Applications”


  • May 2014 – Opportunity (Tender/RFP) dashboard launched
  • July 2014- organized a student competition on “Re-Imagining India’s Energy Infrastructure”.
  • September 2016: Stakeholders consultations for SECI’s 300 MW solar + 30 MW of 6 energy storage projects


  • August 2016: MICRO - Microgrid Initiative for Campus and Rural Opportunities launched at IIT-Bombay.
  • September 2016: India Energy storage Database (IESDB) launched
  • 2016: Incubator for energy storage innovation
  • 2016: MoU signed with IEEMA for industrial skill development in energy storage
  • 2016: Taskforce for the creation of Energy Storage Standards roadmap
  • 2017: CoMETS
  • 2017: Ask an Expert
  • 2017: E-commerce
  • 2017: Global Energy Storage Index


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